TELEHEALTH patient instructions


  • Plan to have the visit in a quiet, well-lit location. We need to be able to see the patient clearly. (A car is NOT appropriate). Just like an in-person visit, try to avoid nap time or other predictable fussy times.
  • A functioning camera & mocrophone is a must. You can use a computer, phone or tablet.
  • Shortly before your visit, you will receive an invitation by text or email. Click on the link to enter your clinician’s waiting room.
  • You may be asked to allow your browser to use the camera & microphone.
  • You will have to accept cookies.
  • Type in your name & click check in. You are now in the virtual waiting room.
  • Your provider will bring you in to the virtual exam room & you will see the provider on your screen.

BEFORE THE VISIT -- please prepare by doing the following just before the visit:

  • Weigh your child.
  • Take your child’s temperature. This is VERY IMPORTANT.
  • Check your child’s heart rate or pulse (count the beats in 15 seconds & multiply by 4)
  • Have a FLASHLIGHT handy in case your provider wants to take a look at your child’s throat. Practice having your child open wide before the visit. A phone flashlight is fine if it is different from the one you are using for the visit.
  • Check your child’s respiratory rate (count the breaths per minute)
  • If possible, try to obtain a blood pressure on children over 3 years old (do several times to be sure it is accurate)
  • Write down your child’s symptoms, and how your child’s symptoms are affecting their eating, sleeping, and other activities, e.g. are they drinking fluids, playful, consolable?
  • Write down any questions, so you don’t forget them during the telemedicine visit!
  • Write down the medicines your child has been taking
  • Have the Pharmacy name, address, & zip code handy.


For BEHAVIOR visits (e.g. Medication follow up or ADD follow up):

  • Complete the surveys on the CHADIS site.
  • Please weigh your child. 
  • Write down possible side effects from the medication, e.g. appetite, sleep, behavior
  • If there has been any recent testing from school or a psychologist, please send this before the visit.
  • Write down any questions, so you don’t forget them during the telemedicine visit!



  • Have a good internet connection.
  • Restart your device before the visit.
  • Use the “Start Test” button in the waiting room.
  • Need help? Send a message at