Patient Portal

Our NEW PATIENT PORTAL went live 11/10/20. It is much easier to navigate than the old portal with a cleaner look and more security features.

You will need to RE-REGISTER and add in each child. You can access the directions HERE .

You can find immunization records, growth charts, and scheduled appointments.

You can message your child's clinician and request refills of medication.

We can upload information about topics we may have talked about at the visit.

You can send us sports form and we can send back the completed form for you to print at home.

And it is the conduit to CHADIS for the developmental and behavioral screens.


Can both parents access the portal?

Each parent can have their own sign-in & password. After the 1st parent registers all the children, call the office for another PIN for the 2nd parents.

Can I register via my phone?

It is better to use a computer or tablet to register.

Can I do surveys on my phone?

Most surveys will work on the phone. We are still figuring this out. If you do not see the surveys, try using a computer.

I don't see any surveys on the phone. What do I do?

Click on messages. You should see the survey there.

Download the app for you phone


For Android: