Developmental Assessments

Behavioral & Developmental Assessments in Owings Mills, MD 

Developmental Assessments examine how well your child is developing.  Your doctor will screen for development at each wellness visit, even if there are no concerns. They may recommend further in-depth testing if there are concerns. 

Our doctors will complete a developmental assessment at each milestone visit. If you have concerns, you may want to ask your doctor questions such as:

  • Does my child's language skills meet their milestone? Do I have any worries?
  • Does my child keep up with peers on the playground?
  • Does my child get along with other children in age-appropriate ways?

Developmental Assessment: What to Expect

We will ask you to complete questionnaires about your child's developmental and emotional state before every check up. These questionnaires are distributed through CHADIS (Child Health and Development Interactive System).  These surveys can help to assess your child's strengths and weaknesses in language, movement, thinking, social behavior, and emotions. Children may be referred to appropriate specialists for further evaluation and treatment.  

Children with high risk conditions such as those below, may be screened and assessed more frequently. 

  • Preterm Birth
  • Low Birthweight
  • Environmental Risks
  • Chronic Health Diagnosis
  • Long-Lasting Health Concern

We realize that no child develops or learns at the same rate, and all children mark their own pace. However most children pass through certain milestones at about the same time, but if your child is not meeting these milestones, it is best to talk to your pediatrician.

Why Choose Valley Pediatrics Associates, LLC

We know one of the most important decisions for new parents is finding a pediatrician that they trust to care for their newborn. Our providers and care team at Valley Pediatrics Associates, LLC are ready to welcome you to their compassionate practice. To schedule a Developmental Assessment call us at (410) 902-7710.


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Emergencies only. Please call 410-902-7710