Telehealth About

We are excited to offer a new option for visits at Valley Pediatrics. We now have Telehealth visits through as a convenience for our patients and families. is secure and there is no software to download. It is HIPAA compliant. No information is saved. The entire exchange is deleted when your visit ends. works with Google Chrome, Firefox, and on Apple and Android phones.

  • Each visit will be scheduled with a specific time slot through our schedulers, just like in-person visits.
  • Once the visit is scheduled you will receive a text or email invitation which will include the web address to connect with us.
  • The contact addresses may change, so be sure to connect to the address we send you before the current visit.

While telemedicine visits can be used for many things, we anticipate using them for medication checks, emotional health or health guidance visits. Telemedicine visits are especially useful in times of infectious disease outbreaks such as COVID-19, measles, and influenza, when office visits may not be ideal. During normal times, in-person visits may be preferable for many indications.

BILLING: Telemedicine visits will be billed to your insurance the same as an office visit. Most insurance plans cover telemedicine visits as they would an "in office" visit, including usual deductibles and copay requirements. The front desk staff will verify insurance & apply the co-pay, so please have your insurance card and credit card available. Late or no-show fees will also apply as they do for in-person visits. We may need to take a photo of your insurance card during the visit, so please have it available.

The appointment will be reviewed by a provider to assure it is appropriate. A provider may request that a routine phone call/question be converted to a telemedicine visit. Similarly, during a telemedicine visit, your provider may decide that an in-person visit is needed . Please be prepared for these possibilities.

We are committed to keeping our community healthy through this difficult time. Please be patient with us as we work out the best ways to care for everyone in the safest possible way.

To make this visit as useful & efficient as possible, please see INSTRUCTIONS FOR TELEMEDICINE VISIT.